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I just read this amazing book…

And what was even more amazing – it was theology.

‘Theology? Surely not! The paper version of mogadon on steroids.’ Not on this occasion.

Did someone pay you to read it?  Someone suggested I did (and that was connected to my job) – but they’re not paying me to review it, quote from it or argue with it.

Are you doing this with an end in mind? Yes – I hope to have conversations with fellow-travellers (of the faith variety) about the ‘whats’ and especially the ‘hows’ of Christian mission and ministry. I might one day also speak to someone else on the Tube!  But don’t hold your breath on that one. It’s NOT the done thing.  And I’m a introvert – much easier to read a book… (I think this where I came in…)


Author: Tim Johnson

Husband, father, follower of Jesus, Salvation Army officer, Royals fan, would-be forager and Greenbelter. Walker of dog and eater of cake. Currently travelling between Oxford and Elephant & Castle as a Mission Development Officer.

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