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So what’s the book…

…I hear you cry?
Actually – I have read two in recent weeks that have challenged me in my thinking.
Both are still sat on my bookshelf and will be re-read and then quoted, commented on and chewed over in this blog in days and weeks to come.
The first is ‘The Mission of God’s People’ by Christopher JH Wright (published by Zondervan). Subtitled ‘A Biblical Theology of the Church’s Mission’, the book is a part of Zondervan’s ‘Biblical Theology for Life’ series.
The second is technically not theology (sorry about that). It is, instead, ecclesiology ( thinking about the church); as  I have a slightly longer and probably more unfamiliar description, I hope you you’ll forgive this loose terminology. (It’ll probably get a lot looser than that, as we go on.) The book is ‘The Forgotten Ways’, by Alan Hirsch, published by Strand/BrazosPress.

If you’ve read these already – let me know your thoughts.


Author: Tim Johnson

Husband, father, follower of Jesus, Salvation Army officer, Royals fan, would-be forager and Greenbelter. Walker of dog and eater of cake. Currently travelling between Oxford and Elephant & Castle as a Mission Development Officer.

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